• Size30 x 10
  • Lit TypeNonLit
  • Area300 sq. ft. Ft²
  • RateRs 9000 Per Month

Media Details

  • Location :
    Muchipara Crossing - Nevadita Park To Muchipara, Muchipara, Durgapur - , Maharashtra, West India
  • Specification :
    Size : 30 x 10 | Area : 300 sq. ft. sq. ft. | Illumination : NonLit | Media Type : Billboard| Lead Time:1 Week
  • Booking Info :
    Quantity : Single Wrap | Min Booking Period : 1 Month| Production Rate : INR 0
  • Near By Localities :

About Media

Advertising on Billboard in Muchipara, Durgapur

Billboard at Muchipara Crossing - Nevadita Park To Muchipara in Muchipara, Durgapur

Muchipara is a distinguished a part of Durgapur. it's one amongst the most important neighborhoods of Durgapur. located within the heart of the Durgapur town it's thought of to be the foremost most popular areas for residences, company and business institutions. Thus, Muchipara holds a really vital place in terms of outdoor advertising in Durgapur.

Advertising on Billboard in Muchipara is a standard media choice for outdoor advertising in Durgapur. Muchipara is one among the busiest areas of Durgapur with several footfalls/traffic per day. Hence, it's a decent plan to choose outdoor advertising in this vicinity. There are several Billboard in Muchipara, however, this Billboard is often known by the landmark- close to Muchipara Crossing - Nevadita Park To Muchipara. This makes this Billboard one in all the foremost in-demand outdoor advertising media properties. To advertise on Billboard in Muchipara, Durgapur, please contact [email protected]